American Resources Corporation (NASDAQ: AREC) is a next generation, socially responsible, supplier of raw materials to the new infrastructure and electrification market. The products we produce go to produce steel, alloys, magnets, lithium-ion battery's and metals used to support global development and socio-economic progress to create a more efficient economic environment.
"American Resources utilizes its complete asset base to maximize returns for its investors in the new infrastructure and electrification market. The world is changing rapidly and with change is new opportunity to build modern and efficient infrastructure. The key to our success is the operating culture our team embraces that thrives on efficiency, safety and accountability, enabling the company to capitalize on all market cycles."
Chief executive officer & chairman of The board
The Company is a growth-oriented business targeting both organic growth and acquisition opportunities of both stable operations and turn around projects with a high return on capital. The company is the process of expanding its workforce to over 500 company & contractor employees.
our core principles
Low Cost Operator
Safety & Compliance
Disruptive Technology
Key operations
ReElement Technologies
ReElement is a producer and supplier of high-purity magnet and battery grade rare earth and critical elements to the domestic supply chain while also focusing on the sustainability of these raw materials. We operate the first commercial scale isolation and purification facility in Noblesville, IN where we process and purify products from end of life rare earth magnets and Lithium-Ion batteries.
American Carbon
American Carbon is located in Eastern Kentucky and West Virginia with operating capacity of over 5 million tons per year.  Our assets have been acquired and streamlined to be some of the lowest cost metallurgical carbon operations in the market.  Our operations are environmentally driven with all carbon being shipped on a fully processed basis at our owned processing facilities and predominately focus on underground operations limiting the environmental impact during extraction.  
American Metals
American Metals is the most versatile recycler of metals for the electrified economy. Controlling the pre processing of both end of life magnets and batteries enables the company to ensure a domestic supply chain for copper, aluminum and plastic as well as rare earth and battery elements through its refining partnership with ReElement Technologies.
Commodity Trading
We are focused on creating a universal commodity trading platform focused on both raw ores (Cobalt ores, Lithium Spoduemene, manganese concentrateas well as refined products such as (Lithium Carbonate, Cobalt Sulfate, Iron Ore, Pig Iron)
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August 1, 2022
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